About Us

The Elk Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce is a member organization dedicated to promoting and developing a thriving business environment. We serve the area as a focal point for information, events, and economic development.

The Elk Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce offers a wide variety of programs and opportunities to help you and your business grow. It is the Chamber’s mission to serve its members and community by providing services that promote the economy and protect the environment. Our goal is to make this region a better place to live, work, and play.

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Referral Service
The Chamber fields thousands of inquiries each year about our community. Our volunteers answer these questions by suggesting only Chamber members (listed yearly in the Chain of Lakes Visitor’s Guide).  

Bi-Monthly Newsletter
Our monthly newsletter informs our members of upcoming events, chamber functions, new members, creative promotional ideas, advertising opportunities, and business related articles. 

Business After Hours
Business After Hours lets our members interact with other area business people, swapping secrets of the trade and networking in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. It’s also a chance to meet the decision makers in our community. Word of mouth is the most cost-effective way to advertise, and Business After Hours gives you that opportunity to advertise!

Member-to-Member Discounts
The Member-to-Member Benefit Program provides all chamber members with exclusive offers, discounts, and value-added opportunities through other chamber members.* It’s also a unique marketing tool for you to use your Chamber to help grow and develop your business. These opportunities are only available to chamber members!  

*These programs are promoted by the Chamber, but are not endorsed by it and are not category exclusive.

Listing in the Annual Chain of Lakes Visitor’s Guide
With 20,000 guides printed yearly, chamber members receive a complimentary listing in the annual Chain of Lakes Visitor’s Guide, printed by the Elk Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce. Distribution includes 10,000 guides in Michigan Welcome Centers, local restaurants, resorts, hotels, visitor’s centers, and a digital copy on the chamber website.  

Chamber Ambassador Program
Chamber Ambassadors serve as liaisons between the Chamber and its members. They strive to improve the level of personal customer service chamber members receive and to assist members in fully understanding the benefits of chamber membership. Ambassadors also assist the Chamber in gaining a better understanding of members’ business needs to develop services to meet those needs.

This program provides a mutually beneficial experience for the Chamber, chamber members, and the ambassadors.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Opening or updating your business? Let us share in the excitement with you! Representatives from the Chamber and the community will join you as you celebrate your next step. Photos will be posted on the chamber website as well as in the chamber newsletter.   

World Wide Access
This website is the link to all happenings in the Elk Rapids area. We maintain an extensive database that provides up-to-date information on our members, the Elk Rapids area calendar of events, applications for special events, and much more. All members receive a complimentary listing on our site. 

Brochure Display
Promotional literature, such as brochures and business cards, help chamber visitors find the exact business for their needs. The Chamber office features and maintains several brochure racks, notifying you when your supply is running low. 

Calendar of Events
The Chamber’s website include a Calendar of Events available to all members to list and promote their upcoming events. 

Chamber Marquee
Chamber members in good standing can use the chamber marquee to advertise community-sponsored events. Click here to download the marquee guidelines.

Radio & Television Advertising Program
Each year the Chamber negotiates and maintains cooperative radio and television advertising programs for our members. Each program provides affordable advertising on radio and television while also promoting the Elk Rapids area as a customer destination. 

Full-Time, Staffed Office – Year Round
Summer is our busy season, but the Chamber office is open all year. Our volunteer staff is available Monday through Friday, January through December. 

Entrepreneur Focus Program
Entrepreneur (en-tre-pre-neur): One who organizes and assumes the risk of a business or enterprise.

The Chamber embraces this business style, educates existing entrepreneurs, and encourages those who may be considering a new business venture. We do this through a monthly focus group designed to celebrate new ideas, bringing local resources and specialists to the table to help make your dreams a reality. 

Chamber Champions of the Community Awards Program
In 2007, the Chamber created the Champions of the Community awards program to thank those community members who identify needs and take it upon themselves to find a solution. Community members are nominated in the following categories:

·       Presidential Award – Business
·       Presidential Award – Individual
·       Community Service Award
·       Volunteers of the Year

Other Member Benefits Include:

·       Member List Access
·       Membership Directory Listing
·       Discounts on insurance, including:
·       Membership Decal
·       Visitor’s Guide Advertising Discount
·       Inclusion in Community Welcome Bags
·       Voting Privileges for the Chamber Board of Directors

Members of the Elk Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce also receive access to:
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Members of the Michigan Association of Chamber Professionals 
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